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Welcome to Clifton House

Clifton House is the most important house in the historic town of King’s Lynn. A merchant’s house in the heart of the town, it retains an amazing series of historic interiors dating from the 13th to the 18th centuries and is Grade 1 listed. Features of interest include two tiled floors from the later 13th century (the largest in-situ tiled floors in any secular building in Britain); the 14th-century vaulted undercroft; the five-storey Elizabethan tower and a series of rooms created by the architect Henry Bell in 1700.


The house is a privately owned family home, but is open to visitors on a number of occasions during the year.


Opening Arrangements 2012

House and Tower: open days


Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2015 11am to 4pm

During the 2015 King's Lynn Festival Clifton House will be staging a special display called The Merchants Feast. Two rooms are displayed to show dining at the time of Shakespeare and in Queen Victoria's reign. These unique displays with original artifacts and carefully researched food will only be on show on 18th and 19th July.

Image (left): Thomas Snelling's dining room recreated for the 2015 Lynn Festival

Entrance charges Adults £3.50 Children £2.50. Under 5s free. Not suitable for people with impaired mobility due to the number of stairs. No booking necessary. Admission: £3.50.


Group Tours


Arranged exclusively through Dr. Paul Richards.


Exclusive individual tours


Guided tour by the owners Dr. Simon Thurley and Dr. Anna Keay with tea.

Only through ‘Invitation to View’:

 Visitors Guide to Clifton House

 You can also read a Visitors Guide to Clifton House in advance of your visit.