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Welcome to Clifton House

Clifton House is the most important house in the historic town of King’s Lynn. A merchant’s house in the heart of the town, it retains an amazing series of historic interiors dating from the 13th to the 18th centuries and is Grade 1 listed. Features of interest include two tiled floors from the later 13th century (the largest in-situ tiled floors in any secular building in Britain); the 14th-century vaulted undercroft; the five-storey Elizabethan tower and a series of rooms created by the architect Henry Bell in 1700.


The house is a privately owned family home, but is open to visitors on a number of occasions during the year.


Opening Arrangements 2012

House and Tower: open days


Saturday 17th May King’s Lynn Hansa day: Tower only 11-4pm


Saturday 19 July 11-4pm


Saturday 26 July 11- 4pm


Please Note Hudson’s Guide incorrectly states the house is open on 20th and 27th. The dates published here are correct.

Entrance charges Adults £3.50 Children £2.50. Under 5s free. Not suitable for people with impaired mobility due to the number of stairs. No booking necessary. Admission: £3.50.


Group Tours


Arranged exclusively through Dr. Paul Richards.


Exclusive individual tours


Guided tour by the owners Dr. Simon Thurley and Dr. Anna Keay with tea.

Only through ‘Invitation to View’:

 Visitors Guide to Clifton House

 You can also read a Visitors Guide to Clifton House in advance of your visit.